Big Ghost Chronicles Reviews Drake's Take Care Album

Big Ghost Chronicles is a satirical blog of a writer who may or not be THE Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang fame. Now that that's been said, homie drops another excellent album review. This time Big Ghost takes on Drake's Take Care album. The leaked album has been the subject of much Twitter clowning but leave it to Big Ghost to add plutonium to the fire.

Big Ghost reviews the album track by track and hilarity ensues.

Some quotes: 

This nigga gotta stop wit this lonely mobster image he tryin to portray these days yo. This nigga said this shit was bout him feelin like he a king tho. Son said "I used to stare at this world through a glass window and, like, two to three years later, I become a king in that world. That's who's sitting on that cover..." They give this nigga a muthafuckin goblet n a table for one witta candle n a bronze owl n now he runnin rap?

On "Over My Dead Body":

A forreal....this sounds like the soundtrack to some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type shit son. I forget who the broad he got singin the hook on this muthafucka is...but i think its Renee Zellweger or some shit.

On "Crew Love" ft. The Weeknd:

Ayo I been startin to accept that maybe ALL these joints is gon be bitchmade son.


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